At HCL, we believe in developing our ecosystem which includes both environment and community, engaging with diverse communities enables us to collaborate with them to ‘rebalance’ resources for the future.

Globally, governments have been the largest “philanthropists”. However, individuals and enterprises have a huge social responsibility and need to step in to complement the role of the Government. I believe that education can be the single largest tool for large-scale high-impact transformation. Education empowers individuals and is vital to reap our demographic dividend. Inclusive education has the power to create leaders from across the cross-section of the society who would become change agents for the community at large and lead us into a brighter future.

— Shiv Nadar, Founder, HCL | Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Technologies | Founder & Chairman, Shiv Nadar Foundation


HCL Foundation (HCLF) was established in 2011 as the CSR arm of HCL Technologies. It is a value driven not for-profit-organization, that thrives to contribute towards national and international development goals, bringing about lasting positive impact in the lives of people, through long term sustainable programs. The foundation aims to alleviate poverty and achieve inclusive growth and development. Active community engagement ensures optimal long-term gains and upward accountability. HCL Foundation works through Life Cycle Based, Integrated Community Development Approach with thematic focus on Education, Health, Livelihoods & Skilling, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction & Response. Child protective strategies, inclusion and gender transformative approaches remain central in all initiatives of HCL Foundation, thus ensuring comprehensive development. Our integrated approach places the communities at the very center of our efforts. We believe in the power of collective action and work closely with communities, both in urban and rural geographies.  Recognizing them as active citizens who script their destiny, we see them as partners in change rather than passive beneficiaries.

HCL Foundation’s core values are Credibility, Transparency, Accountability, Outreach to the Unreached, Sustainability & Scalability.


Create a source code for sustainable socio-economic development


Nurture clean, green and healthy communities where everyone is empowered and equipped to reach their full potential in full engagement with our employees and partners, showcasing and establishing international standards of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in community development

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that alignment of the Indian CSR regulation with the SDGs has tremendous potential to develop a cohesive sustainable growth model. HCL Foundation has been consistently working towards improving the governance and accountability system in the development sector and contributing to the various thematic areas as defined in the SDGs. HCL Foundation fosters innovation and effective positive transformation through comprehensive programs, in the rural as well as urban space, that are aligned to address the national missions and the larger sustainable development goals.

AWARDS & ACCOLADES: In the financial year ended March 31, 2018, HCL Foundation has been honored with the ‘Best Innovation in CSR’ at the ‘National Award for Excellence in CSR & Sustainability’, by the National CSR Leadership Congress & Award, endorsed by the World CSR Day. HCL Technologies was also conferred Award for ‘Excellence in Sustainable Social Development’ at the Indywood CSR Excellence Awards 2017 at Hyderabad on 3rd December 2017. HCL Foundation was awarded for its role in promoting a more sustainable and equitable society. Earlier this year, HCLF received “Best Corporate Foundation Award” by World CSR Day for outstanding contribution to Social Causes and CSR Efforts.

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HCL’s CSR Policy

HCL Foundation Annual Report 2016-17

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Women empowerment is an important part of our holistic diversity agenda and we believe in initiating changes that will play a pivotal role in this direction. At HCL, we are committed to women empowerment and celebrating the contribution of women in the organization. The three key elements of HCL Technologies’ gender diversity strategy involve:

  1. Leadership commitment and extensive ongoing advocacy to address the unconscious bias in the workplace
  2. On-boarding multiple stakeholders and driving the agenda based on diversity and inclusion goals of the respective unit, wherein the framework is global but the implementation is global to suit varied business and location needs, and
  3. Two enabling programs for women leadership development which are based on formal mentoring.
    1. ASCEND, which mandates increases in the representation of women in senior management via multiple ways, including support programs, peer mentoring and coaching at all levels, and providing platforms to enable women leaders to learn and exhibit transformational leadership.
    2. STEPPING STONES, which is a focused career development program to enable mid-level female employees to realise their career aspirations and potential and help them in their developmental journey. It focuses on coaching women who are new mothers and require help to manage the new expectations at work and home.

HCL runs a number of other diversity-oriented programs which contribute towards our gender diversity agenda. Some of these are:

  1. HCL Women Connect which aims to engage and advance women through development programs, and advocate a gender neutral work environment by suggesting appropriate policies as well as position HCL as an employer of choice by women across the globe. This group also coaches and counsels aspiring young women professionals, shares experiences on work/life priorities and includes life coach support, daycare in office premises, concierge services, and policies such as extended maternity leave, work from home, flexible careers and flexible work hours.
  2. ‘Feminspiration’, which is a platform facilitated by the HCL Women Connect Affinity Network in which successful women leaders are invited to address employees and provide insights into successful leadership as well as understand perspectives on gender matters.
  3. ‘BlogHer’, which is an internal platform where many aspects of gender-neutral policies are discussed. These discussions are constructive, non-hierarchical and help both HCL and employees to demystify workplace myths and stereotypes on gender, culture and other issues.
  4. Opportunity to interact with HCL Board Members – Meetings are organised every quarter for women leaders to exchange thoughts, ideas and perspectives with HCL Board members. This provides an ‘outside-in’ view for the women leaders and also gain insights on diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

As a result of HCL’s gender diversity strategy and initiatives, our overall gender ratio has been sustained while there has been an improvement in the middle level of the organisation, which we believe would translate into improved representation of women at the leadership level in the years to come.

Nurturing next-generation women leaders, through mentorship

Women Lead Australia  Women Lead NORDICS SheInspires  IWD 2020


We are delighted to share our Sustainability Report 2016 for HCL Technologies. This is our sixth Sustainability Report, which has been audited by KPMG. The report takes a comprehensive look into the four top priorities that have emerged from our stakeholder engagements, namely Responsible Business, Redefine Workplace, Renew Ecosystem and Repay Society. Reading this report will help you understand HCL practices on governance, ideapreneurship, work environment and culture. The report also touches on HR programs including diversity and ombudsman channels, work-related policies, green operations and community development. The data pertains to workforce including diversity, employee health and safety practices, employee engagement and development. You will also have access to information on admin and operations, supplier diversity and procurement policies, environment (green, carbon emissions etc.) and community development (CSR) practices.

Please refer to the report for any information you may need. For suggestions/feedback, please do write to